Existing. Ironically.
oh if only I had your writing skills.

How 2 write like Sunes: A tutorial.

  • Ramble on for roughly 12 pages in Word (Verdana, 10 pt).
  • Go into detail about things that don’t actually matter.
  • Go over the same issue multiple times.
  • "No, I don’t want to kiss/date/mess around with you. It makes me uncomfortable."
  • Bonus points if a few paragraphs later, there’s kissing/dating/smut anyway (or at least some mention of dicks).
  • Keep this up for roughly 8 (maybe 9) installments.
  • Don’t have a beta reader or anything, just obsessively read and re-read whatever you type out no less than 6 times, and then one more time before you actually post it anywhere to hopefully catch any typos or mistakes.

And now you can write just like me.

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